The Future of Coffee Retail

We are reimagining coffee for the connected age: Where quality isn't a tradeoff for convenience, and where proximity doesn't compromise your standards. 


Meet the Beam Smart Cafe

Your Community's Personal Barista

The Beam Smart Café is the most convenient, accessible, and consistent coffee shop in the world.

We’re creating a coffee experience with you at the center, making incredible coffee effortlessly available wherever you are and wherever you’re going. Forget waiting in line and going out of your way, because you no longer have to.

A Contactless and Modern Experience

Welcome to the digital age of coffee.

The Beam Smart Café is an entirely app-driven coffee shop experience. Simply place your order and pick up, whenever, wherever.

Our team of coffee experts create custom recipes for every individual roast we offer, giving you a delicious baseline to customize to your liking. Select your preferences and watch as the Beam Smart Café brews coffee as if our roast master crafted it for you personally.

The Beam app also makes the entire process touchless and contactless, so rest assured knowing you’ll be the first person to touch your coffee.